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The high-precision LED-based imaging also features 1200dpi resolution with variable dot density, generating high definition image quality with smooth tone transitions for photorealistic high-impact transfers, while exceptionally sharp and crisp details enable the addition of pin-sharp micro text. An in-line densitometer provides uniform and accurate colours and perfect registration to guarantee colour consistency. Our digital press uses the latest contact fusing technology to provide exceptional high quality transfers without the need to produce costly films and plates.

As our press uses enhanced dry toners as opposed to solvents so it is one of the most environmentally friendly digital presses in the business. We are constantly being approached by customers to come up with a cost effective transfer solution. The press also offers the option of printing an opaque white, perfect for transferring on coloured product and provides crisp registration, smooth tones with the transfers supplied on a roll.

We produce both digital and silkscreen transfers, the advantage with silkscreen is that you are able to produce metallics and match all of the spot colours using the Pantone Matching System. The company we use for matching our inks is a fully approved worldwide Pantone Licensee, both of these are applied using conventional hot foiling techniques, creating full colour graphics at high speed. The printed moulding can be handled, assembled and pack instantly after printing making the solution ideal for in line production i.e. mould > print > assemble > pack > dispatch. Our system offers reduced cycle times and a technique that is simpler than in-mould decoration.

Our business includes the provision of a turnkey system for companies that are seeking to produce such work for themselves, with the company providing the foils for transfer production. Alternatively we can print and supply transfers to apply with specialist equipment. We are happy to work in whichever way our customer wants to.

Other aspects to consider... (click titles to expand)

Solvent Free

We do not use VOCs or any other harmful solvents during our digital printing process.
“Our Toner is fully FDA compliant and meets guidelines for direct and indirect food contact with dry food substances that contain no surface oil or fat."

The digital principle

Follow our lead and ‘print only what you need, reprint when needed’ reducing waste through minimal production, down sizing storage space and thus decreasing costs.


Reducing the recycling cost of Diamond Photofoil Ltd products and solutions, meeting environment related product standards and customer requirements and minimizing the environmental impact during product life cycle are Diamond Photofoil Ltd eco-goals.

Design strategies

Diamond Photofoil Ltd aims to attain its eco-objectives through raw material substitution/reduction, process efficiency improvement, energy usage and life cycle/product disposal optimisation.

Optimized screening libraries

To exploit the 1200 dpi to the fullest, our new press uses the Pericles screening library. For each print job, the screen ruling can be adapted for every single element, be it text, line work or images, ensuring outstanding image quality.

Perfect colour consistency

The in-line densitometer and high-performance process algorithms provide uniform and accurate colours and perfect colour registration.

Digital press versus gravure

Digital print guarantees a significant reduction in raw materials as well as energy and water savings. What’s more, this printing process doesn’t cause water pollution.

No origination?

As the digital press requires no plates and minimum repro, digital offers a cost effective and speedy solution for companies with an extensive transfer range. Our press is ideal for just-in-time label printing making costly storage of product overstock a thing of the past.

Powerful with metadata

We can personalise your transfers with variable data.

Do you require smaller quantities?

With no minimum order quantities, you only need order enough transfers to meet your immediate production needs. You no longer need to have money tied up in stock, which runs the risk of becoming obsolete. (Subject to terms and conditions)

Will digital transfers print on most materials?

Digital transfers may be printed onto most thermo plastics for example, ABS, PET, GPPS & SAN

Do you need to protect your print?

Our transfers are protected with an Acrylic lacquer.

What size of labels can you print?

Our digital press can print transfer images up to 322mm wide and any length required.

Can I have a transfer sample before I order?

With digital technology, you can have an actual proof of the job on the material you have chosen at a fraction of the cost that would be required on a traditional gravure press.

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